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Magufuli: Acacia Must Follow Law of the Land

Tanzania Information Services Department

President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Magufuli said Acacia Mining Company  should follow rules and regulations while doing business in Tanzania.

Speaking after receiving  the second  report  on mineral ore  presented by Chairman of the committee prof. Nehemia Osoro at  State house early this week, President Magufuli  condemned illegal mining  operations done by Acacia company in the country.

“Acacia Mining Company is not registered as business entity by  Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) and for many years has been underpaying taxes up to TZS 110 trillion.” Said President Magufuli and called Acacia to publicly confess and apologise to Tanzanians.

He stressed that for Acacia to continue its operations in the country it has to abide by law of the land and that the government “has no ill feelings against it and is ready to continue to do business with Acacia” provided it conducts its business according to the rules and regulations. President Magufuli  upheld the export ban  of all minerals ore, unless Acacia pays taxes and  directed that export of  gold from  mines operated airports  should be inspected by state  security organs.

In his speech which was televised live by various television stations, President Magufuli instructed state organs to investigate the matter and hold accountable all  government leaders and  civil servants named in the report and others involved in the whole saga.

Acacia  mining company owns three mining companies in Tanzania namely  Pangea Minerals Limited, Bulyanhulu GoldMine  Limited and North Mara Gold Mine Limited.


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